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Purdue Map


Map of Purdue University

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Purdue Building Index:

ADDL Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (Vet School-South Campus)
AERO Aerospace Science Laboratory (Airport)
AGAD Agricultural Administration Building (Ag Campus)
AGEN Agricultural Engineering Building(Ag Campus)
AR Armory (ROTC-Main Campus)
ARB Agricultural and Research Building (Ag Campus)
AT Aviation Technology Building (Airport)
BCHM Biochemistry Building (Ag Campus)
BRWN Brown (Herbert C.) Laboratory of Chemistry (Chemistry-Main Campus)
CA Creative Arts (Liberal Arts-Main Campus)
CARY Cary Quadrangle (Residence)
CDFS Child Development and Family Sciences (Ag Campus)
CHAF Chaffee Hall for Thermal and Propulsion Sciences(West of Airport)
CHME Chemical Engineering Building (Engineering-Main Campus)
CIVL Civil Engineering Building (Science/Engineering-Main Campus)
CL50 Class of 1950 Lecture Hall (Main Campus)
CS Computer Science Building (Science-Main Campus)
DOYL Doyle Laboratory (Vet School-South Campus)
DUHM Duhme Residence Hall (Residence)
EE Electrical Engineering (Engineering-Main Campus)
ELLT Elliot Hall of Music (Main Campus)
ENAD Engineering Adminstration (Engineering-Main Campus)
ENTM Entomology Hall(Ag Campus)
ERHT Earhart Residence Hall(Residence)
FOOD Food Stores Building (Facilities-Ag Campus)
FORS Forestry Building (Ag Campus)
FREH Freehafer (Lytle J.) Hall of Administrative Services (South Campus)
FSB Facilities Services Building (Facilities-Ag Campus)
FWLR Fowler House (Residence)
GRIS Grissom Hall (Aeronautical Engineering-Main Campus)
GRS Grounds Services Building (Facilities-Ag Campus)
HANS Hansen (Arthur G.) Life Sciences Research Building (Ag Campus)
HARR Harrison Residence Hall (Residence)
HAWK Hawkins (George A.) Graduate House (Residence-Ag Campus)
HEAV Heavilon Hall (English/Literature/Liberal Arts-Main Campus)
HERL Herrick Laboratories (Ag Campus)
HGRH Horticultural Greenhouses (Ag Campus)
HILL Hillenbrand Residence Hall (Residence)
HLTP Hilltop Apartments (Residence-north of Campus)
HORT Horticulture Building (Ag Campus)
HOVD Hovde (Fredrick L.) Hall of Administration (Main Campus)
IAF Intercollegiate Athletic Facility (Athletics)
JNSN Johnson (Helen R.) Hall of Nursing (Nursing-Main Campus)
KRAN Krannert Building (Management-South Campus)
KCTR Krannert Center Executive Education and Research (Management-South Campus)
KNOY Knoy (Maurice G.) Hall of Technology (Technology-Main Campus)
LAEB Liberal Arts and Education Building (Liberal Arts-Main Campus)
LAMB Lambert (Ward L.) Fieldhouse and Gymnasium (Athletics)
LILY Lilly Hall of Life Sciences (Ag Campus)
LSA Life Science Animal Building (Ag Campus)
LSR Life Science Ranges (Ag Campus)
LYNN Lynn (Charles J.) Hall of Veterinary Medicine (Vet School-South Campus)
MACK Mackey Arena (Basketball-Athletics)
MATH Mathematical Sciences Building (Science-Main Campus)
MCUT McCutcheon Residence Hall (Residence)
MMDC Materials Management and Distribution Center(South Campus)
ME Mechanical Engineering (Engineering-Main Campus)
MGL Micheal Golden Engineering Laboratories and Shops (Engineering-Main Campus)
MOLL Mollenkopf Athletic Facility (Indoor Football-Athletics)
MRDH Meridith Residence Hall (Residence)
MSAB Married Student Administration Building (Married Student Courts)
MSEE Materials and Electrical Engineering Building (Engineering-Main Campus)
MTHW Matthews (Mary L.) Hall (Main Campus)
NUCL Nuclear Engineering Building (Engineering-Main Campus)
OWEN Owen Residence Hall (Residencse)
PGG Parking Garage-Grant Street (Parking)
PGGW Parking Garage-Grant and Wood Streets (Parking)
PGM Parking Garage-Marsteller Street (Parking)
PGMD Parking Garage-McCutcheon Drive (Parking)
PGNW Parking Garage-Northwestern Street (Parking)
PGU Parking Garage-University Street (Parking)
PHYS Physics Building (Science-Main Campus)
PMU Purdue Memorial Union (Main Campus)
POTR Potter (A. A.) Engineering Center (Engineering-Main Campus)
POUL Poultry Science Building (Ag Campus)
PRCE Pierce Hall (Main Campus)
PRNT Printing Services Building (Facilities-Ag Campus)
PSYC Psychological Sciences Building (Main Campus)
PUSH Student Health Center (Main Campus)
REC Recitation Building (Main Campus)
RGYM Recreational Gymnasium (Central Campus)
RHPH Heine (Robert E.) Pharmacy Building (Pharmacy-Main Campus)
SC Stanley Coulter Hall (Foreign Languages/Liberal Arts-Main Campus)
SCC South Campus Courts (South Campus)
SCHL Schleman (Helen B.) Hall of Student Services (Main Campus)
SCPA Slater Center for the Performing Arts (Outdoor Ampitheater-North Campus)
SEAN Services Building Annex(Facilities-Ag Campus) SERV Services Building (Facilities-Ag Campus)
SHLY Shealy Residence Hall (Residence)
SHRV Shreve Residence Hall (Residence)
SMLY Smalley (John C.) Center for Housing and Food Services Administration (Residences)
SMTH Smith Hall (Ag Campus)
SOIL Soil Erosion Laboratory (Ag Campus)
STDM Ross Ade Stadium (Football-Athletics)
STEW Stewart Center (Main Library-Main Campus)
STON Stone (Winthrop E.) Hall (Main Campus)
TARK Tarkington Residence Hall (Residence)
TEL Telecommunications Building (Main Campus)
TERM Airport Terminal Building (Airport)
TERY Terry House (Residences)
TMB Transportation Maintenance Building (Facilities-South Campus)
UNIV University Hall (Main Campus)
VPRB Veterinary Pathology Research Building (Vet School-South Campus)
VAWT Vawter Residence Hall (Residence)
VPTH Veterinary Pathology Building (Vet School-South Campus)
WADE Wade (Walter W.) Utility Plant (Power Plant-South Campus)
WARN Warren Residence Hall (Residence)
WILY Wiley Residence Hall (Residence)
WOOD Wood Residence Hall (Residence)
WTHR Wetherill (Richard B.) Laboratory of Chemistry (Chemistry-Main Campus)
YONG Young Graduate House (Residence)

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